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See what Careering Magazine has to say about the impact of climate change on future careers:

Careering Magazine - Fall 2019 Edition (Full edition including article from Ontario Tech University)


Sustainable Energy Systems students will graduate from the program ready for careers in the continually changing energy field, whether in energy-focused technical, policy or project management positions.  Experiential learning opportunities will further prepare students for these positions.  Career options include:

Energy analysis

Energy analysis, energy auditing, energy technology and resources planning

Energy Specialist

Working at big and small organizations committed to: reducing carbon footprint, energy and sustainability, transitioning away from fossils fuels, integrating new energy solutions

Project Management

Managing energy project implementation for multiple sectors including transportation, facilities management, consulting engineering firms and public utilities

Policy-Making Support

Support for policy-making related to energy and risk for large corporations, municipalities, provinces and federal governments


Start your own business, in renewable energy or energy services
Further, Sustainable Energy Systems graduates will be well placed to pursue graduate studies in engineering, science or the social sciences.