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Bridge program

UOIT offers a bridge program (known as bridge+2) from certain three-year Ontario college technology diplomas into the Bachelor of Applied Science in Nuclear Power.

UOIT designed this program to meet a significant demand in the nuclear power industry for graduates with strong practical experience, technical knowledge and management skills. If you are a college graduate, this program will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the principles and applications of nuclear power technology;
  • The ability to think independently;
  • A systematic approach to problem solving; and
  • Skills in teamwork and collaboration.

Included in the program are courses such as:

  • Introduction to Operations Management;
  • Introduction to Project Management and Supply Chain Management;
  • Nuclear Plant Operation and Safety;
  • Nuclear Plant Electric and Auxiliary Systems;
  • Nuclear Plant Steam Utilization Systems;
  • Nuclear Steam Supply Systems;
  • Radioactive Waste Management; and
  • Reactor Instrumentation and Control.