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In each program of study in the Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science there are a select number of electives that students may choose in order to enhance and enrich their learning experience.  The number and type of electives varies from program to program.

Liberal studies electives are generally selected from the social science and humanities disciplines in order to provide breadth to FESNS major areas of study, whereas a complementary studies elective could be from a selection of approved business courses in addition to social science and humanities courses.  

For the 2019-2020 academic year, students can choose from the downloadable list of approved complementary and liberal studies electives. 

In addition to liberal and complementary studies electives, there are options for students to choose science, senior science, engineering science, senior engineering science, and engineering design electives depending on the program of study.  You can download the list of the approved science, engineering science and engineering design electives for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

If there is an elective course you wish to take that does not appear on these lists, please complete the FESNS elective request form and submit it to the academic advising office for approval.


Please note:

  • These are NOT exhaustive lists
  • These courses are typically only available at the North Oshawa location. 
  • Some of the courses listed may not be conflict free with your program
  • The * courses are not approved electives if they are already in your program map
  • These lists are subject to change