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  • Academic Integrity;
  • Academic Standing;
  • Accreditation;
  • Exceptions;
  • Final Exams;
  • Grades; and
  • Taking Credits at Other Institutions.


University-wide policies, procedures and forms are described elsewhere in the Ontario Tech Academic Calendar, and apply in the Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science. Ontario Tech's Policy and Procedures web page includes such topics as course evaluations, final examinations, responsibilities of academic staff with regard to students, accessibility, harassment and discrimination, information technology acceptable use, use of's plagiarism detection system, recognition of student organizations, student conduct and graduate studies. In addition, other Ontario Tech Faculties have policies, procedures and forms that may apply to students when taking courses offered by those faculties. Students should become familiar with all of these policies, procedures and forms, in addition to the faculty-specific material presented here.

***Ontario Tech and the FESNS reserves the right to make changes in the information contained in these policies without prior notice. All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the information is up to date***