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Our faculty and our students are engaged in a number of innovative research projects. Faculty members are involved in modelling, simulation and numerical computations using high-end workstations. Ontario Tech is a member of the SHARCNET (Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing NETwork) Consortium, which gives faculty members and their research groups access to very significant distributed-memory computing capabilities.

In addition, a CFI New Opportunities program has been awarded for the establishment of a Computational Science and Visualization Laboratory. Equipment to be purchased includes one SGI Fuel Visual workstation, six all-purpose IBM A Pro workstations and the necessary infrastructure. The SGI workstation is a specialized machine ideal for the visualization of 3D scientific data, while the IBM workstations will be used to run software such as FLUENT, MATLAB, MAPLE and FEMLAB, which are indispensable tools for preliminary investigation, problem formulation, less intensive visualization and for the complete analysis of moderately-sized problems.