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Our master’s programs in Nuclear Engineering are comprised of the following two fields:

  • Nuclear Power; and
  • Radiological and Health Physics. 

Graduates of a master’s level degree program in Nuclear Engineering must be competent in a wide range of disciplines that impinge on the safe and reliable operation of the many and varied systems that comprise:

  • Nuclear power plants;
  • Radiological equipment; and
  • Related facilities.

You must understand the complex interrelationships between humans, non-human biota and the physical, chemical, economic, and social components of the environment. The program provides the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary for practicing professionals in nuclear engineering. Under the guidance of a research supervisor and a multidisciplinary team of scientific and engineering faculty, you will have the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive study of particular problems that emphasize theory and/or experimentation.

Our PhD program offers the following two fields of study:

  • Nuclear Power and Energy Applications; and
  • Radiological and Health Physics.