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Radiation Protection and Scientific Instrumentation Laboratories

The Radiation Protection Laboratory features Geiger counters and gamma-ray spectrometers designed to measure radiation and determine the properties of alpha, beta and gamma radiation. You will be introduced to field survey meters and alpha-beta swipe counters to help you become familiar with the measuring techniques of ambient gamma radiation and to monitor contamination. You will also have access to a variety of radioactive sources used in teaching labs and research.

Student labs are conducted in the Scientific Instrumentation Lab where you learn how to analyze data acquired using various technologies such as strain gauges and thermocouples. Using a data acquisition device that interfaces with Labview (a powerful software package that allows rapid development and testing of measurement instrumentation in industrial and laboratory settings), you learn how to employ various signal conditioning methodologies in order to manipulate the inputs as needed. You will also learn the basics of filter design by creating your own high frequency bypass filter.