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The Energy Systems Engineering and Nuclear Engineering programs at Ontario Tech University (Ontario Tech) are the first stand-alone programs of their kind in Canada. We offer the only honours degree dedicated to nuclear engineering in Canada.

Applications that involve nuclear techniques benefit many aspects of our lives: 

  • One in three hospital visits involves a nuclear procedure for either diagnosis or treatment;
  • Industry uses nuclear tools for accurate measurements and the non-destructive testing of materials;
  • Food irradiation is extending the shelf-life of agricultural products; and
  • Medical products and various consumables are sterilized by radiation to assure they are free of bacteria.

All of these exciting areas of nuclear engineering depend on qualified people to design and develop new techniques, operate and maintain existing equipment, and ensure the benefits of nuclear technology are applied as widely as possible. As a graduate of the nuclear engineering program, you will become the type of 'thinker, doer, and leader' who is valued by society in Canada and throughout the world.

The extensive use of technology-enriched learning at Ontario Tech University will help you acquire the knowledge needed to be successful in attaining your degree and applying this knowledge after graduation. Whether you choose research, equipment design and development, nuclear plant operation, business or other areas of application, computers and the Internet are key to your success in finding and using information, and in creating new knowledge, whether you choose to pursue:

  • Business;
  • Equipment design and development;
  • Nuclear plant operation;
  • Research; or
  • Other areas of application.